ADS-B data sharing and exchange

ADS-B is a system in which aircraft automatically broadcast their location, speed and altitude. These transmissions may be received and used by other aircraft and air traffic control centers. In the last years receiving and decoding of ADS-B signals become quite popular among enthusiasts, plane spotters, students and radio amateurs.

Why ADSBHub?

There are many Web sites tracking aircraft and all of them rely on data shared by ADS-B fans. However, the access to aggregated ADS-B worldwide data is limited. The main goal of ADSBHub is to become a ADS-B data sharing centre and valuable data source for all enthusiasts and professionals interested in development of ADS-B related software.

How to share ADS-B data?

The process of sharing your ADS-B feeds with our site is relatively easy. First, you have to operate your own ADS-B receiving station. It can vary from a cheap $20 TV tuner dongle to a professional ADS-B receiver. After your station is live just register here and add it to your personal account. The process takes just few minutes and after proper configuration you will see your data at our stats page.

How will I receive worldwide ADS-B data?

After our system receives your live ADS-B data we will automatically enable incoming TCP connections from your IP address to our server. The data format provided via TCP connection is the popular SBS (30003) format which is supported by many free applications or can be easily processed by all programming languages.

What can I do with the data?

The data in ADSBHub is not ours. It belongs to you and all other ADS-B data sharers. Everybody is allowed to process and publish the data for free or to use it for commercial purposes. However, ADSBHub is an open system and we are not responsible for data accuracy or low quality feeds.