How to get aggregated ADS-B data feed from ADSBHub?

After our system receives your live ADS-B data we will automatically enable incoming TCP connections from your IP address to our server. The data format provided via TCP connection is the popular SBS (30003) format which is supported by many free applications or can be easily processed by all programming languages.

You can easily receive the aggregated feed via TCP connection to:

TCP port: 5002

Note: The TCP port is opened only for hosts (IP addresses) configured at your profile page!


1) Every ADSBHub user has to share data feed at least one ADS-B station.
However, sharing of more ADS-B sources will be highly appreciated.

2) Every ADSBHub user will receive the aggregated feed of all data sources received from all other ADSBHub users.

3) There are no restrictions on how the users will use the data.
Everybody is allowed to publish the data for free or to use it for commercial purposes.

4) ADSBHub is NOT RESPONSIBLE for any loss caused by technical failures or data feeds with bad quality.